As we suspected, SpikeTV decided that two episodes in a row focusing on piss-drinking might be considered bad taste … so they cut out a scene in last night’s episode where Dave Kaplan drinks Tom Lawlor’s pee. There’s something endlessly amusing about the following article from MMA Junkie:

The ninth episode of “The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir” was supposed to feature yet another disturbing image of questionable decision making by the fighters in the house.

But Spike TV producers apparently saw it fit to edit the scene — depicting lightweight Dave Kaplan and light-heavyweight Tom Lawlor consuming each other’s urine — in the days leading up to the Wednesday night broadcast.

Despite several advance copies of the episode containing the original version of the scene being distributed to various media outlets and cast members, including (, the images did not make it to air.

Yep, MMA Junkie devoted an entire article to discussing the fact that the piss drinking scene was removed from last night’s broadcast of the Ultimate Fighter. My only question: how long till this footage leaks it’s way onto the net? And will Dave Kaplan willingly drinking another man’s urine be enough to eclipse his past television espacades: eating semen and admitting he’s an N’Sync fan?