[youtube _jL1WX2MH74]

I dunno if this guy who agreed to spar with Donald Cerrone accidentally insulted him beforehand. Cerrone certainly treats him like he talked sh*t about cowboy boots or farm equipment or something.

*Update* CagePotato gets more context on what happened from the guy who shot the video:

“The video was from a seminar Cerrone did for us and this was his 20-ish sparring match in a row. Dude let everyone who was there spar with him. He is a fucking class act and in fact he did the seminar for free for our gym. He had no ill intention of knocking out my teammate. He got tagged and after I ended the video all sparring stopped and we all had a good laugh. He was really concerned for my friend and felt terrible. We all went to hooters after. True story.”

A concussion AND a trip to hooters? Lucky bastard.