Steve Hickey’s Twitter avatar.  No, seriously.

Praise Odin, praise Xenu, hail Crom!  The South Dakota House of Reps easily passed a bill to regulate combat sports yesterday, and also shot down an amendment to ban human cockfighting “the child porn of sports” championed by Rep. Steve Hickey, every MMA fan’s new favorite religious leader.  Even the Governor’s “stong opposition” is rendered moot, since the bill passed with a big enough margin to override his veto powers.

Thank Zeus, I guess most politicians in SD aren’t ridiculous God Squaders like Hickey, whose response to a message from Cage Potato’s Seth Falvo includes such gems as “who would Jesus elbow in the face?”  I dunno… Satan?  Hitler?  Abortion doctors?  I’m just spit-balling here.  Hickey’s already catching shit in the comments section of his blog from the likes of WMMA fighters Shayna Baszler and Rosi Sexton, but I’d love to hear him debate fellow Jesus fans like Vitor Belfort, Benson Henderson, or Michael McDonald.  One might also counter with “who would Jesus shoot in the face?” since he supported a recent bill to arm school teachers.

Ironically, Hickey has hosted at least one event in his own church by a group called Next Generation Power Force, in which strongman feats of physical strength are somehow equated to spiritual strength.  You’d think a guy like this would view professional fighting similarly, as an opportunity to test oneself in the name of God, but it goes to show you can never tell how folks will rationalize things.  If the hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers” has ever been sung in Hickey’s church, he’s a goddamn hypocrite.