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MMA’s biggest mouthpiece Chael Sonnen and pro wrestling legend the Iron Sheik have already weighed in separately on the whole Olympic wrestling debacle, but now they’re tag-teaming up via TSN’s “Off the Record” in a no-holds-barred verbal match against the mighty International Olympic Committee.  Sheikie already swore he’d suplex the IOC (then presumably to put them in the camel clutch, break their backs, fuck their asses and make them humble, because that’s apparently his thing), and now Sonnen vows to “stick a fist up their ass,” so let’s hope all these threats of anal molestation get the point across.

Speaking of the Iron Sheik, his twin managers have a crowd-funding campaign going to raise money for a documentary about his amazing and tragic life.  They’re currently less than a third of the way to their goal with only 16 days remaining, so why don’t you join Team Sheikie and throw a couple bucks their way.  Check out the pitch video after the jump, and while you’re at it, follow the man himself on Twitter and bask in his unending stream of awesomely crude ESL rants.

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