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Carina Damm is best known for being the sister of UFC fighter Rodrigo Damm, and for being the first woman in MMA to be caught using steroids. Hop into your time machine and let’s travel back to 2008:

Brazilian Carina Damm has tested positive for Nandrolone, according to the California State Athletic Commission, following tests conducted after her first round submission victory over Sophie Bagherdai at Femme Fatale Fighting 4, held on April 3 in Los Angeles. Damm’s nanogram count was reported at 37.9 ng/mL which exceeds the threshold of 2 ng/mL, CSAC official Bill Douglas stated in an email released Friday.

Yes, it just slightly exceeded the threshold of 2ng/ml … that’s 19 times the legal limit! Back to 2013, now Damm gets the distinction of being the only woman to be busted twice, although technically not for steroids this second time. Instead, she handed in a fake urine sample, which seems like the kind of thing a person who has nothing to hide would do. /s

Carina “Barbie” Damm has been fined and suspended for six months by the Ohio Athletic Commission for submitting an invalid urine sample prior to her recent fight in the state. Damm dropped a Unanimous Decision to Jessica “Evil” Eye at NAAFS: “Fight Night In The Flats 9” on June 1st in Cleveland.

OAC Executive Director Bernie Profato discussed the suspension with MMARising.com today. During pre-fight testing, Damm submitted a sample that was determined to be a substance other than urine. She has incurred a $550 fine in addition to the suspension, but is able to appeal the ruling.

During an intermission at the NAAFS event, just prior to the two title fights and main event bout between Eye and Damm, all six remaining fighters on the card were required to submit to pre-fight drug testing. Each sample came back clean for banned substances, but there were irregularities with Damm’s. The lab conducted a second test on the sample and verified that it was in fact not urine.

As with most fake urine stories, there are some amusing TMI details:

“For the chain of command here, we only have one woman inspector,” Profato told MMARising.com. “We really need to get women to go in there [to monitor the urine test], so we had someone who was not an employee of the state but was an unbiased person who had worked for another promotional company. Her statement to me for the chain of custody was that they went in there and she heard [Damm urinating] into the toilet, which didn’t make any sense, but Damm took the [filled] cup and put it on the counter.

“That person then got the cup, and our doctor was waiting right outside the door and she handed it to the doctor,” Profato added. “He sealed it, labelled it and took it over to me. I took it to the lab and released it to them. It was sent to the laboratory for testing. There has to be certain elements in [the sample] in order for it to be considered urine and those elements were not in it. So what we suspended her for is for failing to provide a urine or blood sample. Even the doctor, when he first handed the sample to me, he said, ‘I’m not a lab person, but two things here. One, this is kind of clear, and two, it’s cold!’”

Interesting that the Ohio commission went and surprise drug tested everyone during an intermission. I wonder if Carina had something with her just in case testing came up or if she had to MacGyver shit in the bathroom.