The new season of The Ultimate Fighter debuts tonight and before you roll your eyes and say who cares, let me first remind you that the first episode features the elimination round where we go from 32 fighters to 16 in the span of two hours. You can’t really go wrong with that much fighting crammed into that amount of time. Plus, there are some interesting guys participating in this year’s TUF. We’ll be doing a more in-depth breakdown of the contestants after the wheat is separated from the chaff tonight, but for now here’s our Coles Notes version of who to watch out for:

Igor Araujo – Take a look at this guy’s win record. Submission, submission, submission, submission … 17 of his 22 wins via sub. Igor has been taking dudes out in Europe for years, and recently moved to the States to train with Greg Jackson.

Mike Ricci – This guy comes out of GSP’s Tristar gym and holds a win over my boyfriend Jordan Mein. That win alone makes him worth watching in my opinion.

Eddy Ellis – A 12 year veteran who’s recently turned things around, he started off his career going 6-12-1 but has since been on a 11-3 roll with tons of impressive finishes.

Jason South – Has some impressive digits … he’s 8-0 and 6’3.

Cameron Diffley – This isn’t Diffley’s first appearance on TUF – he was Forrest Griffin’s jiu jitsu coach on season 7 of the show.

Kevin Nowaczyk – Has the best nickname ever: “Give me your lunch money”

The Ultimate Fighter Season 16 kicks off tonight at 9pm on FX. Don’t get confused by the Roy Nelson marathon on SpikeTV at the same time!