The Miesha Tave / Cat Zingano scrap was the most anticipated fight of the night for me and boy did it live up to the hype. The two women put on a back and forth war that rightfully won Fight of the Night honors and proved once again that WMMA haters live in a world of delusion and stupidity. I’ll have to wait on a replay before commenting on the illegal knee accusations, but as for the stoppage: Zingano was brutalizing Tate with knees and elbows – if the ref hadn’t stepped in Tate wouldn’t have had the breathing room to finally keel over (or in her words ‘go for a takedown’). We all know how tough Tate is. She’d rather let her arm get broken backwards than stop. But that’s why we have refs in there with a little more judgement.

As for Urijah Hall, his promo video showed a man who had finally bought into all this talk of his greatness. And most of that talk is true – you can see the amazing skill and potential he has. Unfortunately, no one told him it doesn’t mean squat if your opponent is willing to work harder than you in the cage. Hall seemed content to coast and wait for his magical knockout powers to manifest themselves, while Kelvin Gastelum spent nearly every minute of the fight grinding down on his opponent. Gastelum deserved the win, and shame on whatever judge gave the fight to Hall.

The other Urijah on the card, Urijah Faber, put on a classic Faber performance and reminded everyone that he isn’t anywhere near to being done in his career. Unfortunately, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s now stuck in a situation where he’s been beaten by the featherweight champ and both bantamweight champs. He has nowhere to go, and is now basically stuck being a gatekeeper for the #1 contender spot.

For those of you still needing a bit more of a scratch for your UFC itch, make sure to check out the Facebook and FUEL prelims. Some amazing fights went down, which was a testament to the quality of the fighters on this season’s TUF. Oh, and Cole Miller and Bart Palaszewski was pretty great as well. There’s a fight that should have been stuffed into the main card broadcast, even if it meant having to show those NOS and Dr Pepper 10 commercials 17 times each instead of 20.

(gif via da Zombie Proph and r/mma)