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It’s all Oprah up in this hizzy as you get a title shot, you get a title shot, EVERYONE GETS A TITLE SHOT! Fresh off creating logjams at both welterweight and middleweight, it seems like Dana White is creating a new one at lightweight with several fighters jockeying for the next crack at Benson Henderson.

White has been paying lip service to Anthony Pettis’ title shot credentials for a while now, but that hasn’t made him go so far as to promise Pettis a shot if he beats Donald Cerrone at January 26th UFC on FOX 6 card. Which must have made yesterday’s news that Eddie Alvarez would get an immediate title shot all the more frustrating. But not so fast on that front. Here’s Dana White clearing up that situation:

Joe Silva hit me last night and said ‘What, is this true?” No that’s not true. So there’s some stuff out there that’s true and not true. … Gilbert Melendez is the guy that’s gonna get the shot. That’s gonna happen. Eddie Alvarez’s contract doesn’t say that he gets an immediate title shot. He’ll get a fight in the UFC. … Eddie Alvarez is gonna be in some shit for a while so I would definitely be looking to Gilbert Melendez next and Eddie Alvarez will come in and fight a top contender to see if he gets a shot at the title.

Eddie’s title shot status ended up being overstated by MMA Junkie and MMA Fighting, two of the typically more reliable news sources out there. Junkie’s clarification: “UPDATED on 1/9/12 at 10 p.m. ET to clarify that the UFC offer states intent for an immediate title shot and pay-per-view revenue, not necessarily the guarantee of it.” So I guess Bjorn Rebney wasn’t kidding when he said a lot of Eddie’s contract was hypothetical.