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If you were watching the Alan Belcher vs Michael Bisping fight on Saturday, you might have heard a mysterious devil voice coming out of one of your speakers. No, this does not mean the Rapture has happened and the End of Days are here. After harassing UFC staff, our favorite jackal Letibleu found out what was up with that:

A group of goth kids found an crowd mic taped to a railing. they untaped it and started making sounds into it. The sound guy heard it and cut of that mic ad security was there in under a minute. I found out the UFC has 4 ambient mics set up. The left and right channel are always in different sections of the crowd which is why the ambience of their taped shows sound almost live. that is also why the demon voice only comes out of the left speaker.

No word on if they really were goth or if that’s just what you get for rocking the death metal voice. That wasn’t the only instance of interesting shit getting picked up by various microphones. Someone who watched the show via UFC.TV’s multi-cam / multi-audio feed stream (srsly, it’s pretty cool) captured a whole bunch of strange stuff happening backstage and cageside. Watch and listen after the jump.

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