Okay, this is why it’s sometimes better to wait until more details come out on a story before opening your mouth and coming off like a bigger knuckle head than Bryan Caraway. My original post on MMA fighter Ibragim Todashev speculated that he was an innocent victim of aggro law enforcement that blew him away in some sort of interrogation gone horribly wrong. I’m all for a good conspiracy theory but at this point the official story ties Todashev to a triple homicide and also had him stabbing an FBI agent twice before being shot. Sure, this could still be a set up but I’d have to see more evidence pointing that way before I start entertaining that notion any more.

At this point there’s no smoking gun evidence and still a lot of serious questions regarding what exactly happened between Todashev and the law enforcement agents last night. But one thing I’m willing to admit is I jumped on a story without knowing even half the facts and in the end came off kinda tinfoil. What can I say … earlier today I speculated Josh Barnett’s return to the UFC might be a sign that Fedor is about to return. Obviously I either need to get off the crack or move to a better, more potent SuperCrack.