A little bit of calm reassurance¬†from the UFC’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner:

The UFC show on Aug. 17 at the TD Garden in Boston is happening, according to UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner. An article in the Boston Herald on Tuesday indicated the event was in jeopardy.

“The show will definitely be taking place,” said Ratner, who noted he was working on the paperwork issue that the newspaper wrote about. He was trying to get all fighters on the show, who are not American citizens, social security numbers before the show takes place.

Ratner said that no other state requires fighters who are not American citizens to have social security numbers, and the UFC was not required to get them for non-citizens when it first ran an event in Boston in 2010.

To get a social security number, a fighter must have a visa, which many of he foreign fighters on the card already have. All fighters would have needed visas before fight time, but the UFC’s immigration department is going to have to speed up the process for the few that don’t. Fighters have to have visas for 10 days before they can get a Social Security number.

At worst, it sounds like maybe a foreign fighter or two might get screwed over by this – still stupid, especially considering Boston overlooked things last time. But still better than the entire event having to move to Baltimore or somewhere equally shitty.