First Georges’ coach implied he was 170 for the weigh-ins. Then Georges said he was 170.4. Then someone said ‘No, Georges didn’t say that at all!’ Now the guy who interviewed GSP is saying ‘Oui, he did’:

La Presse reporter Marc Tougas released the full transcript of his conversation with Georges, and Mr Rush does indeed say he was 170.4 when stepping onto the scale:

His transcript provided solid proof that St, Pierre did in fact make a concerted effort to come in slightly over the 170 lb limit in order to gain a mental advantage over his opponent. Here is the choicest of the interview quotes:

“I don’t remember if I was… I think it was point 4, or something like that. Because they round it out…. Huh, point 4, yeah, so that’s… You want to get there as heavy as you can to show you’re right on, on the scale. It’s a bit of a mental trick.”

And yet I still have a problem giving two shits. Probably because nothing will come of this (other than perhaps some more amusing letters from Nick’s lawyer) and it had zero effect on the fight itself whatsoever. Do you want to argue that the Quebec athletic commission is stupid? Go right ahead. I’ve been to many shows in Montreal and can confirm that with first hand knowledge. But this conspiracy stuff is only slightly less ridiculous than the rematch demands. Let it go, 209ers.

(pic by Jeff Cain via MMA Weekly), gif via jillsandwich)