Subo Says coming at some point tomorrow.  It took a while, but I think I’m sufficiently sick of the shortsighted, arrogant, negative, cynical, high-and-mighty bullshit that dominates most MMA writing – sick enough to toss my contribution into the maw once again.  Nothing like a fresh dose of asshole stew to make you want to spit.  Thanks, Twitter.

It’s really sad – and kind of a statement about me, really – that the main ingredient to motivating me appears to be bile.  But I’ll address that tomorrow.  I totally don’t blame you if you don’t believe me.

  • I thought the Facebook prelim idea was a really, really good one, both in terms of exposure (just having UFC/MMA and Facebook associated with each other helps) and availability.  That said, I’m looking forward to these fights making their way onto TV (and various illicit websites) on a more frequent basis – hopefully, it’ll motivate Zuffa to do SOMETHING to fill seats a little earlier in the arena.  I’m pretty sure fans cageside could hear Joe and Mike doing PBP for the first couple of bouts.
  • My 135 and 145 USA Today/SBN ballot is going to look ridiculous in a matter of months – but that’s okay, because so will all the others.  Watching these divisions is akin to doing prospector work in the mountains – there’s material EVERYWHERE, but a lot of work/shaking/shifting left to occur in order to determine who’s where and what’s what.  It makes watching, predicting and gambling way more fun.
  • I’m not going to waste a lot of (read: any) time on the fights that I think sucked.  You know who you are.  Of course, it’s the prelims of a free TV card based around a reality show in its 14th season, so you get what you get.
  • Yves Edwards is right to have a gripe about the 30-27 scorecards for Tony “Benson Henderson’s Tattoo Artist” Ferguson.  Yves Edwards is crazy if he thinks he won two rounds of that fight.  The previous two statements are not incompatible.
  • I’m fascinated by John Dodson.  No, I don’t care about his laugh – take that shit elsewhere if you’re going to base your opinion of a young guy on his behavior after the biggest moment of his life.  He’s got power, speed, cockiness and super duper low hips.  TJ will inevitably get another fight, and this is the beauty of these divisions I was talking about earlier – I have NO IDEA how he’ll fare, but it’ll be fun to watch.
  • That first round was absolutely crazy.  It’s funny – you know most of the people mocking Rogan for his enthusiasm during Brandao/Bermudez were making similar noises at similar volumes during the exact same moments.  I know I was, and I’m glad fights still excite me that much when they’re back and forth, technical and fast paced.  Bermudez is a guy I think can get a whole lot better with the right camp.
  • Fuck an adrenaline dump: I blame Mayhem’s performance on ring rust.  Fuck Strikeforce for not giving him fights after Nashville.  Remember, kids: in the same brawl, Nick Diaz threw the first punch and was not disciplined by Strikeforce.  In addition, Diaz skipped a CSAC mandated drug test prior to his scheduled (and now mythical) bout against Jay Hieron without so much as a stripped belt to show for it.
  • Strikeforce was a piece of crap organization.  I’m going to be glad when it dies. Mayhem Miller, Jake Shields, Nick Diaz and Alistair Overeem are better off without it. And so is MMA.

(pic via the UFC’s TUF 14 finale gallery)