Josh Koscheck is bloggin it up with to promote his step-in fight against Matt Hughes. The first thing he talks about: how brutal getting your orbital bones broken feels.

It was a rough night for me. Pretty much the first punch Georges landed, a hard jab, broke my orbital socket (the round bone in your skull that your eyes sit in) but also my orbital plate (the cheekbone).

I had no depth perception and was basically a one-eyed fighter for the next 23 minutes. I can man up but the pain was just horrible. It hurt worse than anything I’ve ever experienced. It hurt even more than when I cut my big toe off when I was six — when I was playing with my grandfather’s axe being a little shit.

Seriously — the eye hurt way worse than chopping my big toe off.

I had major surgery after the fight. The doctors told me that I took the punch right in the eyeball, and what happens when the eye takes a direct impact is the bone explodes and drops down in order to stop the pressure to the eye resulting in an exploding eyeball.

Every so often you get reminded that sooner or later something really gross is gonna happen at a UFC event. That Corey Hill gumby leg thing tops the list right now, but an exploding eyeball? Short of literally caving some dude’s face in, I think that one would win the Most Horrible Thing People Saw During an MMA Event Ever award hands down, forever in perpetuity game over.

(image via MMA Fighting)