There is a possibility – ever so slight, but it exists – that Brazilian hothead Thiago Silva might not be fighting Ovince St. Preux at UFC 171 on March 15. Silva, it seems, decided to go buckwild last night, and while details are sketchy at this point the facts are thus:

  • He allegedly stuck a revolver in his estranged wife’s mouth and threatened to kill her;
  • He showed up at Pablo Popovitch’s school drunk and threatened his wife and Popovitch with a Glock;
  • Silva went back home, barricaded himself inside, and SWAT had to come down and get him;
  • Silva has access to a lot of guns.

The UFC fighter (ha, not for long) is now in custody and is being arraigned on attempted murder charges.

Quick, someone tell St. Preux that their fight may be jeopardy.