Siyar Bahadurzada has a reputation for being one crazy mofo, partially because he called Scott Coker a pig-f*cker when Strikeforce messed up his contract and partially because he comes from one of the most war-torn parts of the world. We just got to hear Mike Swick talk about army life in Afghanistan. What was growing up in Kabul like for Siyar?

Well, life is not easy growing up in the war. As a kid, I went through alot of crazy things. I remember walking on peoples bodies as a kid in the war. I remember people crying on the streets without limbs and asking for help. To sum it up, I have seen things people need to talk to shrinks about. But I carry all those things inside of me. When I enter the octagon, you see a different person. You see a savage, ferocious and fierce killer! That is the effects of war on me I guess. I turn into a killer in an instant. But outside the octagon, I am a normal person who has studied International Business and Languages and lives a normal joyful life. But I’ll always carry those negative emotions with me and since 2000 I’ve been involved in MMA. I’m happy I can use those emotions in my favor in a fight.

That different person does pretty well in the cage – 15 first round finishes for Siyar, including 10 stopped in under two minutes. That includes his first UFC win over Paulo Thiago, which only took him 42 seconds.