During Scott Coker’s most recent interview with Ariel Helwani after Strikeforce: Diaz vs Cyborg, he claimed that Siyar Bahadurzada’s recent tourrettes outburst was unwarranted because they just needed him to get his P1 Visa in order. Siyar then sat down with Ariel on the MMA Hour and responded that it was the responsibilities of the pig fuckers at Strikeforce to apply for that … AFTER signing his contract.

I’m not an expert on immigration – I just tell the border guys wherever I go that I’m a sex tourist and they let me through, sometimes with a coupon booklet. But this seems like a relatively easy procedural fact for some intrepid journo to look up. Who’s lying? Siyar or Strikeforce?

As for Siyar’s crazy freakout:

Bahadurzada told Helwani that he wanted to apologize to his fans for the language choice, but said he felt disrespected by Strikeforce and that’s when his “dark side” surfaced.

“My mentality has been like this since I was born in Afghanistan in the war and I’ve been raised in the war. I’ve been through a lot. …I used to fight with older guys on the street who were not fair to me, and I would beat the sh-t out of them. I would not take anything from anybody. That’s why [my grandfather] called me ‘The Killer.’ This is my dark side. I tell everybody I have a good and a dark side, and my dark side comes out every once in a while when I really feel I’ve been disrespected.”

Damn, his grandpappy called him ‘the Killer’? I’m pretty sure you don’t get that nickname in Afghanistan unless you actually kill people. Oh, Siyar, he is so funny we call him the Killer. No. Not there, man. Over there it’s ‘Oh, someone crossed Siyar so he stabbed them through the neck with some steel rebar.”

UPDATE: Jackal Pewnt to Scott Coker: “YOU LIE!”