Showtime followed up on cancelling two Strikeforce events back to back by announcing a big January show and ignoring everyone’s questions about the fate of the promotion and the fighters within. As if that wasn’t enough of a sign that things between Sho and Zuffa weren’t all that great, we now have this tweet from Strikeforce fighter Derek Brunson:

As you all know I tried out for The Ultimate Fighter made the show , flew to Vegas yesterday , weighed in today , filming was about to start . Showtime network called and said they wouldn’t release me from my Strikeforce contract . So no TUF for me . I want to thank Fox Network for being such professionals in trying to handle the situation . Back to the drawing board

Now this isn’t Ronda Rousey or Gilbert Melendez or … uuuh … errr … another Strikeforce star. Luke Rockhold? Bah, I won’t even pretend he’s a star. This is Derek Brunson, who’s sole Strikeforce appearance was a loss to Jacare back in August. Strikeforce barely has a radar right now, and Brunson definitely isn’t on it, yet Showtime wasn’t willing to let him participate on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. Sure, they have a perfect legal right to say no. But let’s hear in from Derek on what this means for him:

“What I’m hearing recently is that maybe my issue might have gotten caught up in the mix of Showtime and Strikeforce, what they have going on,” Brunson said. “Like, the shows being cancelled, just what I’m hearing from the media, they’re not wanting to air the shows. I’m hearing I pretty much just got caught in the mix. … These are big corporations, these guys are multi-million dollar corporations, for me, who am I?”

“It’s still tough to find fights, nobody in Strikeforce is exactly raising their hand to fight me in the first place,” Brunson said. “That’s why I had to sit out so long to get the ‘Jacare’ fight. I’ve lost so much money this year on training camps and not having fights. … I’m heading up to North Carolina, got to re-evaluate what’s in my best interest. I’ve got two little girls, I’ve gotta do my best by them.”

It’s good to know that the UFC and Showtime have such a solid relationship together that they can work together to deal with any issue that comes up. In Opposite World.