Joe Rice over at MMATraining says so:

Condit is a fantastic talent; a tiger shark swimming in the deep in of the UFC’s 170-pound pool. However, if we’re facing facts it implies the understanding Condit’s title-shot is the result of Nick Diaz’s disinterest in public appearance outside of the arena on fight night, not an opportunity he directly earned through his own accomplishments. Furthermore, if Diaz defeats B.J. Penn next weekend at UFC 137, why wouldn’t he leapfrog a thumb-twiddling Condit and get the go at GSP he was originally scheduled for with a new appreciation for certain media obligations?

The bottom line is Condit is taking a huge gamble by following the lead of his former teammate at Jackson’s MMA, Rashad Evans, and waiting out a championship fight that may never actually come. If you believe Condit’s clash with St. Pierre is actually guaranteed just because Dana White said so, I have some stock in YAMMA Pit Fighting I’d like to sell you that’s bound to go up. In reality there have been countless competitors in the UFC who were promised one thing only to watch it evaporate faster than the sticky stuff in Joe Rogan’s dresser drawer.

This is all very true, but if Condit takes another fight, he goes from only possibly losing the GSP fight (right now he’s still earmarked for GSP’s return) to nearly guaranteeing his title shot goes up in smoke. He’d have to fight and win, for one. Not a guarantee at all especially with sharks like Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck looking to make their mark atop the divisions. And he’d have to win well to keep the inevitable fan comparison between him and Nick Diaz from siding with Diaz.

He’d also have to win clean – no hand injuries, no tweaked muscles, no nasty punch ups – to keep a commission from suspending him 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or more. Any one of these issues could cost Condit his shot. The UFC is getting Georges St Pierre back into the cage as soon as possible and whoever’s ready is going to get that shot. This isn’t a situation where Condit is waiting on a guy who’s going to be out for several months. Georges will be back to training in a month, and Condit has probably never stopped. While it’s certainly less entertaining for us fans not having Condit at UFC 137, he’d have to be crazy to take another fight given these circumstances.