Everyone seems to be up in arms over Brock Lesnar being a dick during his fight with Heath Herring. Ya know, the mugging and the laughing and the shoving and the ‘ride you like a little pony’ shit. I admit, my initial reaction was one of disgust. But then the guys at Sherdog put it into perspective a little:

You can’t throw up a post-fight fist pump without punching another elite level MMA fighter with a post-fight trademark. Chuck Liddell (Pictures) screams. Takanori Gomi (Pictures) surfs on the turnbuckle, and Eddie Alvarez (Pictures) back-flips off of it. Thiago Silva (Pictures) and Josh Barnett (Pictures) have the market cornered on throat slashing. Yushin Okami (Pictures) shows off his swordsmanship. Gabriel Gonzaga (Pictures) assails cameramen. This truncated list doesn’t even account for those who are prone to spontaneous post-fight celebration like BJ Penn, who is liable to lick his opponent’s blood or dead-sprint to the locker room after a W, or Anderson Silva (Pictures), who has dressed up in full Moonwalker garb and given us rhythm guitar lessons after kayos. All of these actions are just as much overtures to the soul of pro-wrestling as those of Lesnar, who is still chided for his WWE wrasslin’ tenure.

Sure, Lesnar’s actions are more on the cockish end of the spectrum. But Lesnar is a cock – he’s got one on his chest and it pretty much reflects what’s going on in his brain (both metaphorically and literally, yeah?). Why anyone is surprised that this manifests in the Octagon is beyond me.