Apparently having a hole in his striking game big enough to drive a bus through doesn’t make MMA challenging enough for Shinya Aoki: it was announced today that he would be participating in the DREAM welterweight tournament which starts on April 5th.

Aoki just dusted Eddie Alvarez at 155 pounds on New Years Eve, earning the WAMMA belt for “Greatest lightweight that isn’t BJ Penn”. I’d wonder what WAMMA will do if Aoki stays at 170, but I have a feeling he may not last too long up there. Right now the only other definite spot in the tourney belongs to Hyato Mach Sakurai, who beat Aoki back when he was a newb. But I’m sure the tournament will end up with at least a few big dudes who hit hard … ya know, the kind that gives Aoki fits?

I love watching Aoki fight and all, but there’s something about the dude that bugs the shit out of me. Win or lose, it’ll be interesting to see how he does against a bracket full of fighters who are way bigger than he is. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s not just people in the UFC who are trying to create a legacy. If he pulls off the tournament win, it’d be pretty epic. And if he gets knocked out by some big dumb slugger, I get to LOL. That’s win/win, baby!