Sam Stout’s cornerman and trainer Shawn Tompkins was on Fight Network radio today calling Joe Rogan a douche. The reason? Joe’s one sided commentary and comments during the Fisher/Stout match. This isn’t the first time Tompkins has called out Rogan for biased commentating. Shawn also had issues with Joe’s calling of the Hominick/Gurgel bout.

Before the third round of the fight, Tompkins told Stout that he was winning the punching exchanges. I don’t know what fight Shawn was watching, but it wasn’t the one we all saw on Tuesday. Perhaps he was watching the first Stout/Fisher match in his head where Stoud did outbox Fisher.

Anyways, Tompkins is either a liar or an idiot because Stout WASN’T winning the exchanges. And to send a fighter back into the ring with that kind of incorrect info is like bringing a country into war on bad intelligence. Except instead of 3500 dead troops you had Sam Stout trying to box his way through a round he should have used his kickboxing in.

I can’t say enough times how important it is to have a corner who will give you good and practical information during a fight. Jon Fitch’s corner told him exactly what he was doing wrong and how to fix it. With their help he finished off his opponent in the second round. I dunno if a different corner would have changed things in this fight but Tompkins got caught telling his guy some dumbass shit, and trying to pin the blame on Rogan isn’t gonna change that.

UPDATE: The Fight Report has the audio clip of Shawn Tompkins in question.