Shane Carwin has never technically been caught using steroids, but his name did show up in a list of clients for a busted steroid pharma company back in 2010. Since then he’s taken a lot of shit from a lot of people, particularly Roy Nelson. It certainly didn’t help that he refused to comment on the situation. But now Shane’s manager Jason Genet is finally giving us the backstory:

Essentially the way it all worked and I’m not 100% factual about all of it, but as Shane explained it to me, there is parent hub pharmacy which was Applied Pharmacy Services in Alabama. They were selling franchises to doctors and business people in other areas, Greeley, Co was one of those areas, and that’s where Shane lives. A sheriff and a doctor from Greeley set up this affiliate. 4,400 people from Greeley heard about the miraculous, wonderful things this clinic was doing.

The patients who were participating in this are guilty of being vain, thinking there is some type of scientific drug that is legal and will help you get younger and healthier faster than anything else available. Patients would go and visit these clinics and they would send you back to your physician and explain what type of blood work was required and you’re doctor would either agree with their assessment or he wouldn’t.

In Shane’s case the doctors were receiving incentives from these clinics and that is why they lost their licenses. They knew that these prescriptions weren’t legitimate and there was no way that so many people were in need of the same medications. They failed in their oath and Shane’s doctor was one of those physicians. Although it said that S.C. received HGH and other substances it doesn’t mean it arrived like that, it was packaged differently. They duped these people into believing they were taking legitimate drugs yet some of the substances aren’t legal to give to human beings.

That’s why doctors not only lost their licenses; they got arrested and went to jail. The government raided their offices and they have the records of all the patients treated at these clinics. There was not one patient charged in this case. It was just a bunch of people going into a doctor to get a shot of B-12 and then being shot up with HGH without their consent or their knowledge. Shane wasn’t even set on MMA as his career at that time.

According to the trial documents, it was more than HGH. ‘S.C.’ as Shane was known in the paperwork, was also given  Testosterone, Trenbolone Acetate, Nandrolone Decanoate, Stanozolol, HGH, hCG, and Anastrozole. That’s a lot of fucking drugs getting pumped into his system!

As for the claim that the doctors were leaving Carwin in the dark regarding the true nature of these treatments, I guess anything is possible. There are a lot of cases where athletes just put their regiments into the hands of trainers or specialists and take whatever creams / pills / injections they’re given without asking too many questions. It doesn’t absolve them of responsibility, but it’s another interesting layer on the stinky onion of performance enhancing drugs in professional sports.