Everyone is talking about TUF! Just not the TUF that’s actually on television right now. The Roy Nelson / Shane Carwin season of the show has resulted in the lowest ratings in the show’s history. I can’t tell you how exciting or boring they are on the show because I don’t watch it either (kinda a sad testament to how irrelevant it has become), but they’re certainly dishing up the drama in the press recently.

Roy Nelson recently announced that VADA was sponsoring the fight and would be testing both fighters leading up to their match on December 15th. The only problem? No one told Shane Carwin about this. And while Carwin claims he has no problem with the concept of extra testing, he had a little problem with a) the way he felt he was getting roped into it and b) the objectivity of VADA.

What would call VADA’s objectivity into question? Aside from involving convicted steroid dealer Victor Conte, the organization had recently posted a blog on their website (reprinted here) suggesting Carwin’s only contribution as TUF coach would be teaching his fighters ‘how to use a syringe.’ And while they later took the article down and claimed they fired the person who posted it, that was enough for Carwin’s manager to decide they just might have it in for his client.

In the end, though, VADA’s involvement has largely been rendered a moot point. The Nevada State Athletic Commission just stepped up yesterday and announced they had exercised their right to randomly test both Shane and Roy. The two have 24 hours to submit their urine samples, and while it’s no regular blood testing it is the same kinda thing that caught Alistair Overeem red handed earlier this year.