It was announced via press release today that James Toney’s fight against Ken Shamrock has been “delayed until 2012”, which probably means “never had a fucking chance of happening to begin with”. It looks like instead he will be travelling to Russia to box with Denis Ledbedev at the incredible not totally fatass weight of 200lbs:

All-time-great boxing champion James “Lights Out” Toney is turning a negative into a positive… As in he’s positive he’s going to Russia to kick Denis Ledbedev’s ass. After training extremely hard in preparation, Toney was informed not long ago that his unified rules bout with MMA hall-of-famer Ken Shamrock would be delayed until early part of 2012…

Toney has decided to instead re-focus on his boxing career and target the #1 cruiserweight contender Denis Ledbedev, who recently knocked out one of his old-time rivals, Roy Jones Jr. “November 5, I’m going to invade Russia and show this punk what happens when he messes with the USA,” said the always quotable Toney… Toney was last seen in the ring in February when he pitched a 10-round shutout over veteran Damon Reed. He is the current IBA Heavyweight Champion.

If “training extremely hard” actually means “living on ephedrine and getting kicked out of his gym for being an asshole”, then it’s hard to argue that his training was anything but extremely hard (alhough it is nice to see that he lost all that weight.) But instead of the coherent quote above, he probably said something that sounded like a Barry White album being played at the wrong speed backwards.

CagePotato points out that the promoter probably doesn’t have enough money to make the fight happen, and if they don’t have the money now, it’s hard to believe that they ever will. This could mean that everyone’s favorite anal wart, Chael Sonnen, could have been right when he told Bruce Buffer on his radio show that Ken Shamrock may not have ever even intended to show up for the fight: he may have been just shagging a signing bonus.

This is a real shame. Clearly, the fact that Toney got liposuction reveals his dedication to not being a giant fatass. So at least he is dedicated to something (I’m trying hard here, people.) And maybe Ken Shamrock did actually want to go somewhere besides the bank. So let’s just forget that these guys both may be one punch away from subtitles and hope that they eventually meet in the cage. I’m starting to get a freakshow fight itch only Japan or a non-MMA fighter fighting MMA can provide.