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Sergei Kharitonov seems to have landed on his feet after getting dropped from Strikeforce during the Great Golden Glory Purge of 2011. His management has taken care of him, bringing him in for their United Glory card last week. He’ll also be returning at the next Golden Glory event in May, and made it clear that he’d be happy to consider a fight against his recent internet beef nemesis, Aleksander Emelianenko:

The athlete denied that the next battle will mixed style with Alexander Emelianenko, with whom he recently had serious conflict. “From Alexander I to fight right now, even in the locker room – said Kharitonov. – But seriously, it is not known with whom I compete in MMA. If there are suggestions from his camp, we will consider. If the conditions suit both sides, then why not. Personally, I am ready to meet with Alexander Emelianenko, or, for example, Mohammed Malikov.”

You may remember there was a little spat between Sergei and Aleks – Sergei called Aleks a
homeless leech with hepatitis
and Aleks replied by swiftboating Sergei’s military rep and offering to bet a finger on the outcome of a hep test. Sadly, Kharitonov never accepted AE’s digit slicing challenge. But on the plus side it doesn’t sound like the hep thing has closed the door on a potential fight between the two. Oh, unregulated world of Russian combat sports. You so crazy.