From Nightmare of Battle:

According to SENGOKU have gotten a TV deal with TV Tokyo. On the 27th this month (the day before SENGOKU V) a 1-hour program will be shown that will be about SENGOKU I-IV. After that, starting from October 6th, a 25-minute show will air every week with the (temporary) name SENGOKUG (G=Gold) (戦極G). And also, SENGOKU’s new years event, which the article says is on January 4th, will get a 2-hour (or more) slot on the network.

According to wikipedia, TV Tokyo is the smallest of the major Tokyo television stations. But smallest of the majors still sounds better than biggest of the minors. I’d comment more on this, but I don’t know enough about Japan to be able to really give you too much insight into the ramifications of this deal. Hopefully some peeps in the comments can help.