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Semmy Schilt, the original Stefan Struve, has been forced to call it quits due to an unfortunate medical condition:

Since last night LiverKick has received numerous reports from reliable sources that Semmy Schilt is retired, effective immediately. The decision was apparently not an easy one for the Hightower, who was instructed to retire from his medical team due to a heart condition that was discovered. This marks the retirement of what may be the greatest Heavyweight Kickboxer of all time, with five big tournament victories under his belt and numerous world championships.

No further details or confirmation are to be had so at this point you can still slap that ‘report’ label under this and walk away feeling okay if it turns out to be not true. But if it is, the kickboxing world has lost one if its greats – a fighter so amazing K-1 changed its rules to try and stop him from winning. A fighter so dominant his leaving might actually revitalize kickboxing and open up the top spot for someone from the next generation.