Yesterday on As The UFC Turns, Chael Sonnen’s big FOX Sports kick-off fight against Shogun Rua was threatened when the Culinary Union put in a complaint to the Massachusetts Department of Safety over Chael’s TRT use and felony record. Fortunately for Chael and the UFC, it was much ado about nothing as the powers that be were more than happy to let him inject testosterone.

Mike Roberts of MMA Inc., which represents the fighter, today told ( that a closed-door meeting of the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission went in Sonnen’s favor.

MSAC spokesperson Terrel Harris subsequently confirmed that the five-member commission voted unanimously to license Sonnen after evaluating his use of testosterone-replacement therapy and several complaints against him by activist groups.

“The decision followed the recommendation of their Medical Advisory Board which considered Sonnen’s physical condition and medical information,” wrote Harris in an email. “The commission also considered complaints regarding his reputation and character but concluded no information the Commission received should preclude Sonnen’s licensure.”

On one hand, I’m glad because fuck those union guys. Thus far they’ve shown no problem using gay people, abused women, and soldiers as pawns in their quest to bully the Fertittas into unionizing their casinos. I don’t care what side of the labor fight it’s for, that’s some sleazy evil shit right there. On the other hand, Chael Sonnen pretty much kicked off this therapeutic use exemption bullshit. To have him ignobly booted off a big card over it would justice and a step in the right direction for a sport that’s going off the rails on a steroids frate trane.

Even though everything has ‘worked out’ this time and Chael is cleared to fight, you better expect this kind of thing moving forward for all events featuring guys on testosterone. Once the Culinary Union adds another scummy tactic to their quiver, they keep firing it. And wouldn’t it be something if the end of Testosterone Replacement Therapy came not from people realizing it is wrong and insane and dangerous but rather because of a spat over Las Vegas hotel employees.