When Jim Miller opens up a vagina on your forehead, you’re gonna have a bad time with scar tissue, so powerful Joe Lauzon has turned to something called the “Graston Technique” in hopes of coming back by this summer. There was like a big raised ridge underneath there just full of scar tissue… The big thing is that I’m paranoid – really paranoid… if all that scar tissue is still there… it’ll open up right at the beginning of when I fight again.

Basically he takes a metal tool and digs at the scar tissue to break it all up so I can legit feel all the scar tissue breaking up and getting smaller and smaller. It’s super painful… You can basically aggravate the crap out of it, break it all up, and then you need a couple days off to rest and stuff.

Sounds legit to me.  And because Joe’s a good guy fighter who also happens to be a nerd, he vlogged the experience so we can try it on our friends:

[youtube N71ACnaLiFQ]

FYI if you wanna DIY:  I’m no doctor, but if you want to try this on your own injuries at home feel free cuz I hear rehab is expensive: go ahead and get yourself a crescent wrench and a large pair of toenail clippers.  Now, rub the crescent edge of your wrench back and forth over that nasty ridge of scar tissue you’ve got juuust enough to where you want to cry like a bitch, but you don’t actively open a cut back up.  Then, when you’ve reached that sweet spot where you’ve given yourself a decent abrasion, take the rounded edge of your toenail clippers (the side of an enswell might work, too) and push it lengthwise down the scar tissue until you’ve got a migraine and a nice mouse going (about half an hour).


Note: don’t do this.