Remember when the hype machine was in full-effect for Ronda Rousey’s UFC debut opposite Liz Carmouche, and we were inundated with Countdown shows that featured her sobbing about the death of her dad? Well, to Sara McMann, that would’ve been small potatoes at the buffet of sadness known as life. Since McMann has thus far shied away from the spotlight, and since she will be taking on Rousey for the belt at UFC 171 so screw hiding from that spotlight now, Marc Raimondi of FOX Sports did some digging. What did he find? McMann’s life has sucked. HARD.

In 1999, McMann’s brother, Jason, was savagely murdered near Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania. His body was found three months after he disappeared and the McMann family took the case to America’s Most Wanted. A tip led to the arrest and eventual conviction of his killer.

That’€™s not something you ever get over. Yet just as she was somewhat coming to grips to life without Jason, her boyfriend, Steve Blackford, was killed in a car accident. Blackford was by McMann’€™s side when she won the silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and they were going to move in together after the games. But the Jeep he was riding in flipped over on a Colorado highway en route back to the East Coast on Sept. 3, 2004. McMann was the driver.

If you read further on in Raimondi’s piece, a picture is painted of McMann wanting to somehow avoid the public- and media appearances champs are always contractually obligated to do. Yeah, good luck with that. I predict more life suckage when McMann is stripped of the belt she won off of Ronda.