On Friday we exclaimed with some amazement that Badr Hari had been released from jail pending his trial for almost beating a multimillionaire to death at a rave. Now on Monday we exclaim with less amazement that Badr has been arrested and is back in jail for violating the terms of his probation. His specific crime? Eating a sandwich at a bar:

Three days after his release, kickboxer Badr Hari already expressed contempt to the conditions that the Amsterdam court has attached to the suspension of his detention. Accused of attempted murder and aggravated assault, the fighter appeared yesterday afternoon coolly in the bar Moustache in Utrechtsestraat, Amsterdam where his beloved Estelle fed him a sandwich.

According to Badr, he had not understood the suspension terms exactly meant.

Lawyer Bénédicte Ficq denied yesterday at first flatly that her client had appeared in the bar. Later she admitted that he was a “fifteen minutes had eaten a sandwich.” Ficq initially denied also the abuse of Badr in the Amsterdam ArenA. Then she came with the statement that her client had only given a ‘corrective tap.’

As part of the terms for his release, Badr was supposed to stay away from places associated with the catering industry, a term I figured was just a quirk from Google Translating articles from Holland. But the translation was correct and a catch all designed to keep him out of clubs and any place that might almost be a club, including bars, pubs, and restaurants. If Badr’s lawyers can’t convince the court this was an honest mistake, he could be rotting in a jail cell for a long time. I hope the sandwich was at least worth it.