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Samurai Fight Spirits’ youtube channel is one of the nerdier MMA-related things that I’ll actually get behind watching. Somehow possibly related to the wholesale liquidation of everything PRIDE, this guy has posted backstage reaction videos from a whole mess of guys after their fights. I know that I will never be one hundredth the man that any MMA fighter is, so naturally it fills me to the brim with ecstasy to watch them cry like little bitches. And Samurai Fight Spirits delivers fighters crying like bitches in spades.

Evidently, a horrid staph infection, a car crash that ripped his face off, and peeing non-human pee left Kevin Randleman jaded but still excitable, as he displayed after his loss to Mirko Crocop when he yelled, “GOD, I SUCK!” Only from 2004 onwards. That’s still nearly 10 years of being pretty great.

After Mark Coleman’s admission that his first PRIDE fight was a work, rumblings from other MMAers suggested this might be par for the course and a Takada effigy burning might be called for. I pretty much assumed that Anderson Silva’s submission losses to two Japanese guys were in the “you scratch our back, we’ll pay you lots of money” category. But now we get to see his backstage reactions in the Silva-Chonan and Silva-Takase fights. I don’t understand much Portuguese, but I can only assume that “puta que mierda” doesn’t mean “oh fiddlesticks, better luck next time”. Evidently he was either genuinely pissed that he lost or he was doing a good job of biting his tongue to make himself weep until the cameras left.

(via CagePotato, who ripped it off from MiddleEasy)