Sam Stout is fighting for Montreal’s TKO in September. So either the UFC dropped Sam again or he decided to go back to the minors like Sean Salmon did. If it’s the former, I have no idea what the fuck is up with the UFC. Stout/Fisher was an amazing match … maybe not fight of the year but definately much better than most of the headlining bouts on PPV this year. Stout got brutally underpaid and now he’s out of the UFC again. What … the … fuck.

If it was his management’s decision then I gotta say this: Sam’s got morons in his corner. We discussed the big controversy of his trainer Shawn Tompkins telling him he was winning going into the third against Fisher. Well, leaving the UFC now is just as dumb if not dumber than that. To lose the momentum and name value he gained from headlining the Ultimate Fight Night is nothing short of moronic. The TKO event is is September, which means you won’t be seeing Stout in the UFC before 2008. What a waste.

Anyways, I’m happy I get to see Sam Stout in Montreal again, but disappointed for him at the same time. I want to see him do well and make a name for himself in the UFC. The other tidbit of information regarding this … I guess the rift between Team Tompkins and TKO isn’t as wide as we have been led to believe. Sam Stout is just one of several Tomkins fighters appearing on the next TKO card.