There’s been some rumors that Cris Cyborg might be considering a future in pro wrasslin’, and Tatame – a regular mouthpeice for Brazilian fighters and camps – just gave the story a big push:

Strikeforce champion and best pound for pound MMA fighter of the world, Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos is negotiating with world’s biggest pro-wrestling company, WWE, sources close to the fighter told TATAME minutes ago. Without fighting since June of 2010, Cyborg is getting tired of the lack of fights in the MMA organization, and this proposal would change her future in fighting – and get bigger paychecks. Two weeks ago, Cristiane and her husband, Strikeforce fighter Evangelista Santos, attended to a WWE event in California, and the managers of the event offered her a contract. Stay tuned on TATAME to know more about that in the future.

Not so fast, says fake fighting expert Dave Meltzer. Cyborg is locked in with Strikeforce due to one of those stupid champ clauses. According to the Meltz, “the story may be contract posturing, since Santos has not fought since a June 29 win over Jan Finney due to negotiations for a new deal.”

So while a jump to the WWE ain’t likely, it’s interesting that the Cyborgs feel they gotta go this way to get some goddamn respect from Strikeforce. Then again, this could just be one of those totally bullshit stories that manifest themselves out of thin air sometimes (especially when there’s a WWE angle, go figure). Everything could be perfectly fine! I dunno though. If I was Cris Cyborg and I’d only fought once in the past year, I’d be kinda pissed. I’d also be playing with my marble-sized clitoris and hockey puck boobs nonstop. Maybe crushing various melons with my thighs too.