UFC 166 co-main eventer and resident hobo Roy Nelson may be facing a tall task when he steps into the cage against Daniel Cormier on Saturday, but according to the fighter who often looks like a homeless man, the training camp leading up to the bout was no joy, either. As per MMAFighting:

“This has actually been the crappiest camp I’ve ever had,” Nelson admitted on Wednesday. “It is what it is.”

The root of Nelson’s problems began in mid-September, when his head boxing coach, Jeff Mayweather, suffered a mild heart attack after drinking an energy drink. The 49-year old wound up hospitalized for weeks.

Yeah, a loss of a coach and some training partners (which are mentioned further on in the MMAFighting article) would suck, but I think there’s more to this story. So let’s speculate!

Possible reasons why Roy Nelson’s training camp would be crappy:

  • Bedbugs
  • His favorite spot under the bridge taken by Crazy Harriet and her blind pitbull “Mr. Snob”
  • The athletic commission in Texas requiring him to shower
  • The government shutdown impeding the flow of free government cheese
  • Rickets and scurvy
  • Being homeless, or at least having the hygiene of someone homeless