Roy Nelson is back! News of the heavyweight’s return broke yesterday morning, and while it’s not clear whether the UFC bowed down to Roy’s superior negotiating abilities or not, it sounds like he will be with the UFC for a while:

Nelson’s manager, Mike Kogan, today told ( that the heavyweight’s deal calls for nine fights in the octagon. He declined to disclose financial terms of the contract, citing its confidentiality provision.

Nelson himself considers it a contract that’ll last him ‘the rest of his life’, and it’s kinda nice knowing that he’ll only be building up that ‘Most Significant Strikes Absorbed’ record for a max of 9 more fights:

I do have a new UFC contract. You could say that I’ll be fighting for the UFC for the rest of my life. The contract is that big. You won’t see me fight anywhere else, unless the UFC goes under. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

Oh Roy Nelson. You really can’t say anything without tacking something stupid onto the end, can you?

Now that Nelson is back, this clears the UFC to lock in the Big Country vs Daniel Cormier fight they’ve been angling for – it will go down as the co-main to UFC 166’s Velasquez vs Dos Santos 3 in October. D-Corm or Black Fedor or whatever you wanna call him nowadays is super hyped and wants the fight to set up an immediate title shot at light heavyweight:

Cormier said that after the fight he will publicly ask the UFC in the cage to “cut the line” and fight the winner of Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson next. Cormier is now confident he can easily make the weight cut.

This ignores Glover Teixeira, who is set to wreck Ryan Bader at the third UFC Fight Night on Fox Sports 1 on September 4th. But on the plus side, the UFC sure could have one hell of a #1 contender fight in Teixeira vs Cormier. Will they book it? With all the events they need to fill, I have my doubts they’ll sacrifice a future contender, but it sure would be an awesome battle.