The UFC has had a love / hate relationship with Roy Nelson for a long, long time. Once barred from fighting in the promotion due to their ‘No Fatties’ policy, Roy Nelson still has to listen to Dana White diss his potbelly on a regular basis. And even though his shape has always kept him closer to getting fired than your average heavyweight, that hasn’t stopped him from doing and saying controversial things. Example: Shortly after being announced as TUF coach opposite Shane Carwin, he tweeted this:

“Why wait [until] December we can see if we can get on @ufc 151,” Nelson wrote. “Is this enough time to cycle off?”

Yep, that’s Roy getting his digs in on Shane for appearing on a steroid distributor’s customer list. And while no one in the MMA media really brings it up, I don’t think Nelson will be as shy about the subject. Check out who he wanted to bring with him as coaches:

COACHES: Here are my Assistant/Guest Coaches the non-ufc coaches will be helping but not on the set because they are black, criminals, white, Olympian, Great TV … (disclaimer I have know idea, just opinion)

NON-UFC ALLOWED Muhammed Lawal Kurt Angle Victor Conte

UFC ALLOWED Royce Gracie James Johnson Jeff Mayweather George St. Pierre Nick Diaz Nate Diaz Rashad Evans Forrest Griffin Chael Sonnen Jake Shields Gilbert Melendez Martin Kampmann Amir Sadollah Mike Pyle Gray Maynard Ron Frazier Anthony Brown, I am a student first, teacher second. Let give theses kids an opportunity of a life time. A UFC SUPER CAMP

Victor Conte is best known for his role in the BALCO steroids scandal that rocked baseball back in 2003, which he served jail time over. Recently he’s been trying to present himself as a reformed expert who is now fighting the good fight against PEDs in sports. While there’s certainly something to the ol ‘hire a thief to catch a thief’ chestnut, Conte comes off as too scummy for me. The guy can’t make money selling steroids any more, so now he’s trying to make money fighting them?

As for Mo Lawal and Kurt Angle, both are on the TNA wrestling roster, with Mo also fighting for Bellator. Those two organizations are owned by Viacom, and I dunno if you were aware of this or not but Viacom and the UFC are AT WAR! Maybe not officially … there hasn’t been a Pearl Harbor incident yet but that’s what General Dana said so you better believe he’s already in battle mode.

This is all stuff Roy Nelson knows, but Roy Nelson is like a honey badger: he don’t give a fuck. And if he doesn’t watch out, this TUF coaching opportunity could result in him rubbing his bosses the wrong way so much they’ll finally follow through on all those threats to fire him.