After flattening Cheick Kongo and sending him packing from the UFC, Dana White suggested that perhaps Daniel Cormier would be next for Roy Nelson. But according to FUEL’s UFC Tonight, Roy Nelson wasn’t too interested in the fight. As per the show, reiterated in tweet form:

Helwani reports @RoyNelsonMMA’s manager doesn’t want him to fight @dc_mma. He says that he doesn’t see what Roy will gain from that fight.

Which led to Roy Nelson tweeting:

@arielhelwani you should always come to the horse, If I have to go through DC to get my belt! I will. @mikekogan”

Which kinda reveals to me one of the nice things about the UFC having their own news outlet. Nice for the UFC, that is. They get to put out whatever stories they want with whatever spin works best for them. A fighter doesn’t want a fight the boss does? Let’s report the dude is ducking it and see if pride will compel him to respond. And hey, in this case it seems to have worked.

Dana White has always said that Roy Nelson is a stupid pain in the ass. Perhaps he’s starting to take advantage of the stupid part to minimize the pain in the ass bit.

(pic via Brad Penner for USA TODAY)