With the UFC in Japan last week, I know Fightlinker fans had one burning question: did our girl Roxanne Modafferi make it to the event? Yes, yes she did, and she shared her thoughts on her excellent blog.

I’ve only been to one other UFC, when it went to the Mohegan Sun in CN, when I was a college student. I went with Kozo, a guy friend who owns the restaurant Fukuzushi I often go to, and who also trains. It was a treat for both of us- I haven’t been to a HUGE event in forever, and he’s NEVER been to a huge event, since he works at his restaurant at night.

The event was kind of long. It started right on time at 10, opening with Mizugaki. Too bad he lost by decision. ;_; I thought he won. I was rooting for all the Japanese guys. Wow, the crowd really boo-ed Akiyama. ^^;; I really wanted Mitsuoka-san to win, but he looked pretty good, as did Okami. GGAAAAH SO CLOSE >_< Okami totally should have won that. OH well, that’s the name of the game. Those were really amazing interesting uppercuts. The dude practically threw them under his own arm. :O

Afterwards, Roxy met up with Joe Lauzon and Benson Henderson for some meaty restaurant goodness. Meals like that are going to be few and far between for her now as she prepares to cut down to 125 pounds to fight former teammate Takayo Hashi THIS SATURDAY! It’s going to be a great fight, and of course we’ll be carrying the results and pictures and whatever else we can find out about the fight. Maybe even video? Please, oh magical internet! That would be quite nice.