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As you probably know from checking out this blog or just from being a huge Roxanne Modafferi fan yourself, Roxy had a fight on Saturday night in North Carolina. Unfortunately it didn’t go her way and she ended up losing via RNC in round 3. I’ve got a good play-by-play of the fight from WMMA Round Up after the jump but there isn’t much footage or pics other than that right now. What we do have is a blog post from Roxy talking about the fight:

I fought Barb Honchak in the main event. She won by rear naked choke in the third round. Congratulations on an excellent performance, Barb. For me, it was my worst performance in my entire life. I felt huge lack of physical strength. I knew what I had to do, but I could not physically do it. I pushed, she pushed harder. Ironically, I realize that I’ve gone the way of the Japanese- lots of technique but not enough physical power. I like to label myself a technician, and spend most of my time trying to perfect my technique, rather than physical conditioning. However, my last four fights, I felt I lost by strength. (I felt like I had a draw with Akano, though).

I got owned on Saturday, and I am pissed off about it. I am pissed off at myself, and pissed off at many other things. I’m determined to fix this. I know I’m strong willed and stubborn. I WILL build myself into a warrior who’ll be able to rise to the top of her weight class. My fight last night was not even close to being UFC level. My dream is to fight in the UFC, and that was not an example of my real self. That is taking nothing away from Barb…she was VERY impressive last night. Two nights ago? (I haven’t slept in like 3 days)

I boo-hooed on my coaches’ shoulders for about 30 minutes, and then after our post-fight meal, I dragged them to my hotel room and came up with a plan.

I have to make adjustments in my training. I have to be even stricter with myself than before. And I have to be easy on myself, more than before. ^^

I SWEAR on my LIFE that I will rebuild myself and come back a stronger fighter. This is not the end. I ask that my fans continue to show support so promoters offer me another chance to show what I can do in the ring or cage!! It’s because you guys want to see me fight that I’m able to follow my dream!


It has been a rough year for Roxy as she’s dropped her last 4 fights, but I’m glad to hear she’s motivated to get better and climb that mountain all over again. We’ve seen how the divisions have been shaking out with bigger and bigger fighters cramming themselves into lower weight classes, and size / strength is becoming of ever increasing importance. I’m sure it will only take some adjustments to training and a Roxy load of willpower and effort and she’ll be back up in the top circle where she belongs!


The fight’s play by play after the jump.

Via WMMA Roundup:

Barb Honchak vs. Roxanne Modafferi (125)

Round 1: Ring announcer tells us that this is the first female headliner in North Carolina MMA history. Both fighters bounce in their corners, appearing game and ready. Roxy just misses with two right head kicks. Barb comes with a right-hand, they clinch, end up against the cage and Barb briefly almost has Roxy’s back. Barb controls Roxy against the cage, they trade knees and Roxy looks for a trip. Roxy ends up on bottom with a side headlock, Barb rolls and looks for a reverse triangle. Roxy has a side headlock, but Barb sort of has her back. Roxy begins to stand…Barb has one hook in. Now two hooks. 2.5 minutes in and Roxy keeps wrist control. Barb rolls to get on top, Roxy gets half guard. Barb is now semi-mounted on Roxy. Roxy is looking for a kimura from the bottom. Barb gets Roxy’s back again, both hooks in as Roxy defends and tries to regain position. Barb strikes from the back. Roxy strikes and sits up to begin escaping. She turns in Barb’s guard and ends up on top, but Barb still kind of has her back. Barb gets mount and comes with some hard elbows. Roxy rolls for an escape and ends up in turtle. Barb looks for an armbar, but Roxy isn’t in danger yet. They end the round with Roxy on top, defending as Chelsea looks for a submission.

Round 2: Roxy goes for a superman punch, misses, and they clinch against the cage. Roxy pulls guard against the cage, gets a headlock briefly, and lets it go as Barb begins to escape. Roxy pulls guard again, but Barb stands strong and peppers her with body shots. Roxy puts her feet back on the ground and Barb throws some knees. Roxy looks again for the trip, but Barb defends and they clinch again. Knees from Barb, and elbows as Roxy looks for the takedown and gets it. Barb reverses and Roxy recovers guard. Barb elbows from the top, Roxy keeps guard, looking to control Barb’s posture, but eating some elbows. Roxy goes for an arm, but misses it and recovers guard. Barb lands an elbow and Roxy looks to use the cage to reverse. Barb postures up high, then falls back into Roxy’s guard. Roxy looks for wrist control. Barb attempts to pass, they scramble, and Roxy recovers guard. Barb is killing Roxy’s hips, then posturing for strikes. Roxy strikes from the bottom, Barb stands, and Roxy gets a deep half guard position as Barb comes back down. The round ends with Barb striking and Roxy trying to set up an armbar.

Round 3: They flurry almost immediately and Roxy ends up with her back against the cage. They fight for position as Barb comes over the top with some punches. Roxy looks for the trip and they go down, but Barb ends up on top. Barb takes Roxy’s back and gets booth hooks, and flattens her, striking from the top. Roxy sits up, but Barb continues with strikes and sets up the rear-naked choke. Roxy taps out due to the choke!

Result: Barb Honchak defeats Roxanne Modafferi by submission (tap out due to rear-naked choke) at 1:46 of Round 3.