Well, not really – the fight between Roxanne Modafferi and Jessica Rakoczy went down weeks ago, but tonight is the night it airs on The Ultimate Fighter. And how did Roxanne spend the day before the show (also her birthday)? On a play-date with Rakoczy and her baby boy.

Man, how does she train? It seem so exhausting! She’s a single mother. Her son is four. Just watching them, I can see that she is a really good mother. I already respected her, but it went to a whole new level seeing her run around playing with her son in the park, already exhausted from a tough work-out with her coach earlier in the day. She never gets a break. She’s remarkable.

I really enjoyed our time together. We talked about the episode we’re both in (because we get sneak peeks so we’ve seen it already) and about life in general.

Then I played on the slides!! 😀 I mean, I played with her son on the slides. Then I went on the swings!! I mean, I played on the swings with Jesse. THEN I climbed on the rock wall….! With Jesse. And this funky rotating bar-swing thingie?! I had so much fun. I was SO tired. Dude, I got tired before her kid! We decided to call it a day, and Jesse started pouting. hahaha This is why I’m not gonna have a kid while I’m still a fighter.

Oh yeah, watch us fight tomorrow on The Ultimate Fighter on Fox Sports 1 at 7 PM PT / 10 PM EST. 😀

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(pic via Roxy’s blog)