(one downside: less great engrish shirts in America)

It’s the world’s worst kept secret that amazing fighter and Fightlinker supporter Roxanne Modafferi is on this season’s co-ed TUF, and it sounds like being this close to her dream of fighting for the UFC has spurred her to put her other dream of translating for a living in Japan on hold. She’s returning to the US to get some o dat superior ‘MURICA training.

I’m moving back to the United States soon.

I love Japan so much. I love living here, I love the culture, I love the people, I love the freedom of financial independence. Though I don’t make so much, it’s enough to be comfortable. July 16th ironically marks my 8th year of living here, having moved here right after college. I love my friends here. I love my GroundSlam gym training partners. I feel like I have a big and little brother here, and an uncle. They are family.

I love my job. It’s very satisfying. My bosses have treated me well. My co-workers are pretty wonderful. My students are happy with my teachings.

However, I’m not where I want to be in my MMA career. It’s good, but I know I can be better. Especially now that the UFC is putting on women’s fights, and Invicta is huge and successful now. This is the time…I’m thirty years old. My body feels like it’s 50, some mornings. If I were ever to train full time and follow that dream, now is the time. Training is good here in Japan, but I want to train full time in the US.

This can only mean good things for her career. Reading her blog, there are always stories about being injured and Japanese doctors not being able to treat her properly, either because the diagnosis is lost in translation or they just have kinda shitty medical care there. The pool of top fighters and coaches is also smaller, and that all means less time devoted to getting Roxy where she needs to be for fights. It’s going to be awesome seeing what she will be able to accomplish having coaches devoted to her advancement and a fight team that speaks the same language.

Oh man, this is hype-tastic. Can’t wait to see her on TUF, and in America. 2013 – Year of the Roxy.

(pic via RoxanneModafferi.net)