There were two failed drug tests at the UFC on FX 6: Rousimar Palhares and Joey Beltran. Beltran has strenuously objected to his hot piss test, stating on Twitter:

“I can say without a shadow of a doubt I did not inject Nandrolone into my body. I am sorry to my family and friends for the shame this… Brought to any of you. I promise soon the whole story will be told and I will go through whatever is necessary to find the reason for this.. Positive test. I am at fault for taking a supplement or perhaps combination of something that caused my test result. My team and I will … Seek the truth. I am sorry once again and truly apologize to the people that matter the most to me.- Joey Beltran”

I actually believe Joey. However, that does not diminish the fact that athletes are solely responsible for whatever substances they ingest, whether it be a steroid injection in the ass, a speedball, or over-the-counter supplements. It really doesn’t matter at this point though; his piss was dirty, and Beltran has been suspended for nine months and had his win over Igor Pokrajac overturned to a no-contest.

Rousimar Palhares, on the other hand, has not issued a statement of denial as of yet, and is such a head case that it probably wouldn’t hold much weight in the court of public opinion if he did. His piss test showed elevated levels of testosterone, of which the T/E ratio has not been made public.

The worst part for Palhares is that all you have to do nowadays to get a therapeutic use exemption for testosterone is go to a friendly doctor, tell him you’re experiencing some testicle malfunctional, and walla – you’re good to go. It’s like getting medical weed in Cali. You don’t need to be wasting away with anal cancer, just go to the doc and tell him you have ADHD or some other non-condition and you’re in.

Add that to the fact that he got his ass whooped by Hector Lombard, broke his foot, is suspended for nine months, and further tarnished his already poor reputation for holding on to dangerous submissions way too long, and Palrahes seriously needs to reexamine things.

There are three morals to this story: PEDs do not ensure victory; a good, sincere public statement is priceless; and Goddammit when the opportunity to cheat by the rules is there, you take that shit.