“They even sprinkled it with my favorite, Kibbles n’ Bits!”

Yum… it’s almost as good as pig feed! Last Sunday, Rousimar Palhares had his 32nd birthday. And instead of celebrating by going apesh*t insane or tearing knee ligaments, he received his FIRST EVER BIRTHDAY CAKE as a surprise from his family and friends. Evidently, they make “meat on meat” flavored cakes in Brazil:

“That was really a big surprise for me. I became a child again because this was the first time in my whole life I celebrated my birthday with a cake. Everybody knows my family always had a very humble life. I thank my BTT partners to have given me this happiness. I hope this is going to be a year of much work and that God can continue giving me the opportunities to represent Brazil and show my talent inside the Octagon.”

Isn’t he cute, you guys? This reminds me of rainbows, hugs, and and lots of other G-rated stuff that I thought was flushed out of my memory banks by the massive influx of porn. The glean in Toquinho’s eye in this picture is like when a kid who’s usually locked under the stairs eating fish heads gets a bike for Christmas. Or when Shrek gets laid by the princess. Or when you jackals tell me “Dick, you’re A-OK!” If this doesn’t warm your heart, you’re probably dead.