Rousimar Palhares has a consistently growing list of incidents that have left many people wondering what exactly is going on in his head. Now it seems like Palhares might be interested in finding out too: he is now seeing a sports psychologist. Rousimar’s coach Murilo Bustamante once said his fighter was ‘too naive, but he has a big heart’, and now his manager takes the explanation one step further:

“There are a lot of variables. Yes, Rousimar is a very simple person. He comes from a very simple background. He comes from a background that somebody here in the United States would have a very, very hard time understanding. But he does tend to go on automatic a lot, and that’s something we are trying to straighten out.”

Yes, that does sound like he is calling Palhares dumb. But he ain’t joking about Rousimar coming from a ‘simple background’, aka the kind of dirt poor rural Brazilian background where you’re doing farm labor from the age you start walking and pig feed is considered a decent meal. Maybe the best way to explain it is he’s ‘feed a carrot to a bus’ simple.