Oh that Rousimar Palhares. If he isn’t prematurely celebrating the finish of fights, he’s cranking heel hooks way too far. Or he’s doing both, like at this weekend’s mega ADCC grappling competition. Here’s the brother of one of Rousimar’s opponents explaining what happened at the end of a match:

What happened with the heel hook and the reason my brother was upset was because Palhares pulled a similar stunt like he did in the UFC.

He threw the heel hook and my brother was rolling and went out of bounds. The referee yelled “STOP” and told them to both stop. Palhares stopped for a brief moment – and my brother then stopped as well… then all of a sudden Palhares started cranking on it again, despite the referee continuing to say stop afterwards, with my brother yelling, and popped his leg three or four times.

It was a weird situation right after… Palharas started to celebrate, thinking the match was over, and came over to hug my brother, but as he hugged my brother, he slapped him across the head really hard. So one arm went out for a hug, the other went for a slap on the head (lol). My brother was naturally pissed by the heel hook and the slap.

Palharas seemed genuinely confused, both about his cranking after the ref said stop and by the rejection of his post fight “hug”. I think he was sincerely genuine, I just think he is crazy, like bi-polar or something.

David is fine, he got his leg checked up and based on the preliminary check-up, they pulled his leg around, etc. and think he will be fine, no surgery.  We are getting an MRI on Monday.

Stupid Paul Harris don’t even know how to hug! He may be a jiu jitsu virtuoso but he’s still a white belt at love. If only he knew how to transition to tenderness. Every embrace shouldn’t be done with the intensity of a scarf choke, silly Toquinho!

The Paul Harris madness didn’t end there … he also got warned during the final of his weight division against Andre Galvao over small joint manipulation (he tried to break some of Galvao’s holds by bending his thumb back). Maybe someone needs to sit down with Rousimar and explain to him that there’s these things called ‘rules’ that are supposed to be followed when you’re fighting. Don’t just grab everything and try to twist it off.

(Pic via MantoFight.com)