Don’t worry… Rory won’t be trading in the shawl collar for a cervical collar.  Yet.  MacDonald’s on his turf in Montreal this week signing autographs at the event he was supposed to be co-headlining with Carlos Condit, and he admitted the rehab has gone slightly off the rails:


Last month Firas Zahibi told MMAJunkie that RoryMac trains too hard at Tristar and now:

[Rehab] was going good, but then yesterday I kind of hurt it again, so after today I’m going to get someone to check it out.  I was trying to get back slowly into training and I was just doing technique and I just tweaked it.

Doing technique?  Dammit, Rory, you’re not Dominick Cruz – people actually want to see you fight again.  MacDonald says he’s still interested in fighting Condit in the unforeseeable future but that he’s frustrated at his inertia during fight week:

It’s a bit annoying.  It’s a bit disappointing seeing all the guys do their thing.  Fight week is exciting so the best word is disappointing. I feel sad.

That’s four separate feelings he expressed; at least he’s working on emoting in the interim.