Just when you thought it was safe to buy UFC tickets again, the highly anticipated Rory MacDonald / Carlos Condit rematch at UFC 158 has been scrapped:

According to multiple sources close to the fight, MacDonald suffered a neck and back injury in training recently, which has forced the young Canadian fighter to withdraw from his fight against Condit at UFC 158.

As a result, according to other sources, Condit will now face Johny Hendricks (14-1) at UFC 158. Hendricks was supposed to fight Jake Ellenberger on the same card. A new opponent has not been signed for Ellenberger.

Word out of Montreal is Mike Ricci dared RoMac to put on a tightfitting latex cardigan, betting he couldn’t pull off all that swag. Rory accepted the challenge but got stuck halfway into the shirt. After a scene that resembled the time Winnie the Pooh got stuck in Rabbit’s hole, they got him out … but not before severely injuring him.

No but really, this is the second time in a row MacDonald has had to pull out of a fight. The first time against BJ Penn was just a delay but this injury sounds like a 3-6 month vacation to me. Just an echo of the Gypsy Curse or is Rory MacDonald one of those injury prone guys? The BJ delay was caused by a cut when a sparring partner threw a spinning elbow, but you have to figure that spinning elbow came during a total mongo sparring session. If Rory is going like that on the regular, is it shocking to learn all that crashing up against training partners and refusing to give an inch resulted in such a narsty sounding neck and back issue?


(Bad posture = back injuries)