There are just some things in life that elicit a negative response. It’s a lot like listening to a bunch of teenage girls on a train babel on about some meaningless moment in life. For some reason their conversation continually circulates around this one word that has little to do with the conversation at hand. That word, “like.” Every time I’m forced to listen to this mindless babel – because I forgot my damn headphones  – I’m reminded how simple life was back when humans used clubs to settle their differences. As a matter of fact I’m sure Dr. Ann Maria Rousey DeMars would agree with me on this point. No, not the rant about the teenage girls, but the fact that certain things/people can elicit a negative response. In her case the mere thought of Miesha Tate makes her blood boil –  flashbacks of throwing armbars to ensue.

Since the announcement that Miesha Tate will be replacing Cat Zingano – due to injury – Dr. Ann Maria took to interwebs to express her distain surrounding the TUF replacement process.
Not that anyone asked me, but I thought I would give my opinion on The Ultimate Fighter show. I’ve only watched this show the season Manny Gamburyan was on it because, well, I have an actual job that requires me to go places like North Dakota, where I am at the moment, and do work.
Doing work conflicts with reality shows in general. I’ve watched about five minutes each of Jersey Shore (I think that’s the name) and some show about the Kardashians. Both times, I changed the channel quickly as I felt brain cells beginning to die. I’ve never watched the O.C. which explains why, when I asked our dentist, Dr. Pratt, how his children were doing he gave me a strange look and said “You don’t watch TV, do you?”
When I heard about the last-minute switch in coaches for the show Ronda is on, my first thought was “That’s a pretty dick move.”
Not so much replacing Cat, who was injured (ouch!) but keeping it from Ronda until the last minute. If you’re going to have an athletic competition, then it should be fair. Among other things, that means you don’t give one competitor information that the other doesn’t have. You don’t let one player know something weeks in advance of the other player.
So, it is pretty clear that whoever is making the decisions here has decided this is not an athletic competition, it’s a reality show. That’s what a lot of people have been saying all along, it’s just going to be a side show and not a serious athletic event.
Here is my advice to Ronda, not that she asked me either, but that has never stopped me before.
You know who gets to decide if this is an athletic competition or a reality show? You.
Clearly Momma Rousey’s just as fired up about this matchup as everyone else seems to be. Ironically this season may have a higher rate of success because of the sudden change in opponent. Let’s be honest, the war of words between Rousey and Tate has escalated since Tate lost the title to Rousey over a year ago. Now, we finally get to see the culmination of sworn redemption and guaranteed beat downs. Is it great reality TV? Yes. Will there be a contentious lead up to this fight? Yes. Will this fight live up to the hype? Here’s hoping.
(Picture by Greg Bartram via USA Today)